David Feldman

Florida Implements Legal Medical Marijuana

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed legislation this past Friday to implement the legalization of medical marijuana there. Over 70% of Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment last fall setting up the new regime. Scott, a Republican, opposed the  constitutional amendment, but signed the bill without making any statement.

The new law bans smoking of medical marijuana, but permits the use of vapes, which New York, for example does not. It authorizes the state to license up to 17 companies to grow cannabis in the state. Lawsuits apparently are planned to fight the ban on smoking, along with a ban on growing your own cannabis.

There is a limited list of permitted ailments qualifying patients for medical marijuana, but the state apparently gives a bit of latitude to doctors (who must undergo 2 hours of training before being qualified to dispense marijuana) to go beyond the list if they feel it is appropriate.