Seth Goldberg Predicts What 2020 Will Bring to the World of Weed

Seth Goldberg, Duane Morris partner and Cannabis Industry Group team lead, is quoted in The Philadelphia Inquirer article, “Reading the tea leaves: What 10 cannabis bigwigs predict 2020 will bring to the world of weed.”

Mr. Goldberg says:

We’ll see adult-use in Illinois. While vaping bans are likely to be removed, additional restrictions around THC vaping could be imposed by states.

The hemp space seems situated to expand as the regulations become more clear, and the federal banking regulators have recently announced that hemp can be banked like any other legal product.

A lot is contingent on the federal government. If the STATES Rights Act or SAFE Banking Act were to pass, the latter of which seems to have the best chance in 2020, there will be a boost. Conversely, tightening of enforcement by the federal government could have the opposite effect. FDA regulations around vaping and CBD as a drug, dietary supplement, food/beverage may also be issued in 2020, which would shape the market for those products.

Bottom line, businesses and individuals in 2020 must remain mindful of the differences between the federal and state regulatory framework and the state-by-state regulatory patchwork, and be nimble in responding to changes.

To read the full article, visit The Philadelphia Inquirer website.

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