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New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program Set For Expansion

Just days after the NJ Senate and Assembly close in on expansion of medical use Cannabis, the New Jersey Department of Health (“Department”) published notice of a Request of Applications (“RFA”) for an additional 108 alternative treatment center (“ATC”) permits which authorize holders to cultivate, manufacture, and/or dispense medicinal marijuana. The Public Notice is available here, while the RFA is summarized below and available in full here.

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David Feldman

Kosher Cannabis? Now Available

According to the Marijuana Business Daily, a Quebec-based producer of medical cannabis has joined a New York medical cannabis licensee in obtaining certification of their products as kosher under Jewish dietary laws. This means that more observant Jews, who seek to restrict their diets to kosher foods, will be able to obtain medical cannabis from these companies without concern. To obtain kosher status, according to the article, means they have gone through an audit of their cleaning products, a compliance review and regular onsite inspections.

Without getting too into the mishigas, these products are not certified as glatt kosher, which would be more acceptable for the most observant Orthodox. While there are some historically technical differences, these days it mostly means there is an even more intense and exacting process with rabbis to certify. That said, regular kosher is good for most of those Jews who say they are kosher.

The Canadian company, Hydropothecary, further noted in the article that this designation “addresses the needs of not only those who follow Jewish dietary law but also vegans, vegetarians and anyone interested in the providence of what they consume.” The action was just in time for the Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur. Mazel tov!