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‘Nothing Works’: Hospitals Race To Train More Docs To Operate Ventilators

With COVID-19, it’s one step forward, two steps back.

That’s what doctors battling the devastating viral lung infection on its frontlines are saying, as hospitals face shortages not only in ventilators to keep patients alive, but in doctors to operate them. […]

A fixture in intensive care units, a ventilator requires near-perpetual management. Pulmonologists work with respiratory therapists and nurses to diagnose, intubate, drug, and manage patients hooked up to the devices. […]

Delphine O’Rourke, partner at the Duane Morris law firm in Philadelphia who advises health care providers on emergency preparedness, told TPM that hospitals were increasingly relying on doctors from other specialties to operate the complex machines.

“There’s a limited number of pulmonologists, so you get increased demand — especially when pulmonologists are working around the clock on this,” she said.

To read further remarks by Ms. O’Rourke, please visit the firm website, or read the full text of the article at the TPM website.