Health Insurance Price-Fixing Cartel Alleged Against Multiplan and Insurers

Seth Goldberg
Seth Goldberg

Providers in a putative class action filed on May 7, 2024, claim that Multiplan and certain named insurers in its network are a “cartel” that has agreed to underprice out-of-network reimbursement paid to providers in the Multiplan network in violation of federal antitrust laws.  The Complaint, filed in the District of Illinois as Live Well Chiropractic PLLC, et al. v. Multiplan, Inc., et al., (D. IL Civ. No. 1:24-cv–3680), alleges that Multiplan uses an algorithm that Multiplan clams “reprices” OON services based on historical reimbursements to providers providing the same services, and then “overrides” that amount to pay lower rates agreed upon by Multiplan and the insurers.   According to the Complaint the insurers, who are allegedly horizontal competitors, provide competitively sensitive information about their reimbursement that they would not provide in a competitive market, and many serve on a Multiplan advisory board that meets in furtherance of the conspiracy to fix prices.  A key component of the alleged price-fixing is Multiplan’s requirement that providers in its network agree not to balance bill patients for payments not made by the insurers.  The Complaint alleges that Multiplan and the insurers have made billions off the alleged anticompetitive conduct, and seeks damages and injunctive relief.  

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