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Long-Term Care Facilities Reopening After COVID-19 Lockdown

States, counties and cities nationwide are currently at varying levels of reopening their economies after the coronavirus outbreak. Some states, such as Texas and Florida, have backtracked by closing off various businesses again after a surge of COVID-19 cases in those areas. Such instances have made governors wary of reopening too quickly, especially in the states that were hit the hardest at the onset of COVID-19’s entry to the U.S. – New York and New Jersey. Given the tragic loss experienced in nursing homes and the known impact that this virus has on seniors, long-term care facilities (including nursing homes and assisted living facilities) may be among the last business to undergo a “reopening.” Strict adherence to the federal, state and local precautions will be required, as well as close monitoring for outbreaks in the facility. This article discusses what “reopening” means for these facilities since they were not technically closed in the way that most other businesses were. Then, it will cover the recent CMS recommendations to state and local officials on reopening nursing homes as states progress through the phases of the White House Guidelines for Opening Up America Again.

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