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On January 22, 2018, Congress came to an agreement on a resolution that continues funding the government, including the Department of Justice, through February 8, 2018.  The funding resolution leaves in place protections for state medical marijuana (More)
By Michael E. Clark and Amanda L. Bassen In yet another modification by the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) to Obama administration policies, on July 19, 2017, Attorney General Jefferson Sessions announced a policy reviving the criticized civil (More)
Amanda Bassen wrote: Back to the Future
By Michael E. Clark and Amanda L. Bassen On May 12, 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memorandum, dated May 10, 2017 (the “Sessions Memorandum”), ordering stricter charging and sentencing policies to the Department of Justice (“D (More)
Christopher T. Grohman wrote: Healthcare Fraud Takedowns
As a former federal prosecutor in Chicago, I am well acquainted with the phrase “takedowns.”  For the unwary, a subject-area “takedown” is a practice used by federal prosecutors to send a message to a given industry.  Prosecutors investigat (More)
Karen Lehmann Alexander wrote: Supreme Court Hears Argument In Honeycutt
The Honeycutt brothers run an operation selling iodine to methamphetamine dealers.  One brother makes $269,000 in total profits.  The other brother gets paid a weekly salary, but otherwise takes home nothing.  They are both charged in a drug consp (More)
Karen Lehmann Alexander wrote: New Scrutiny of Civil Forfeiture Laws
The Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) released a report on March 29, 2017, faulting the DOJ for failing to systematically evaluate its forfeiture data to determine the extent to which seizures benefit law enforcement eff (More)
In mid-February, the Department of Justice’s Fraud Section issued a publication entitled “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs,” (“Compliance Memorandum”) which highlighted important topics and reoccurring problems in the compliance (More)