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Eric J. Sinrod wrote: The FAA Finalizes New Drone Rules
The Federal Aviation Administration has announced in a press release that it has finalized its first operational rules for the use of small unmanned aircraft systems, otherwise more commonly known as drones. According to the FAA, these rules "work to (More)
Eric J. Sinrod wrote: The Amazing Uses of Drones
Drones really have become the next big thing. Their uses seem to keep multiplying each day. With each new use there are new questions about drone regulations. Of course, we hear about military payloads being delivered by drones on very specific ta (More)
Drones, drones, drones ... Everyone is droning on about drones as they become ever more ubiquitous. But as drones become more commonplace, there have been growing concerns -- especially with respect to safety in the sky. So, along comes the Europe (More)