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A video replay of the webinar “Hot Topics for Healthcare Facilities and the Utilization of Medical Cannabis” is available to view. [embed]http://video.amazon.duanemorris.com/events/Cannabis108HotTopicsforHealthcareFacilitiesAndTheUtilizationOf (More)
[show_avatar email=53 align=left user_link=website show_name=true show_email=true show_biography=true show_last_post=true]On February 5, 2018, the Government Accountability Office, a nonpartisan investigative arm of Congress, found that there are hug (More)
In January 2018, The Office of the Auditor General for the State of Illinois published its Performance Audit (“Audit Report”) of Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (“Medicaid MCOs”) for Fiscal Year 2016. What was unleashed was a startling re (More)
DuaneMorris3 wrote: The Law and Marijuana
For his monthly column "Nev's Health Law" in Chicago Lawyer magazine, Duane Morris partner Neville Bilimoria has written a two-part article focusing on different aspects of law related to the cannabis industry. Part 1: Why having a cannabis prac (More)