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Duane Morris partner Stuart Bartow will be speaking at the Bar Association of San Francisco’s 2020 Business Law & Cannabis Law Symposium, on the "Privacy Law in 2020, California CCPA, Federal, and European" panel, on February 5, 2020. (More)
A video replay of the webinar “Privacy and Data Protection in the Cannabis and Hemp Industries” is available to view. [embed]http://video.amazon.duanemorris.com/events/cannabis_206_privacy_data_protection_cannabis_hemp_industries.mp4[/embed] (More)
Frustrated by privacy lapses by US companies, Democrat Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has introduced proposed federal legislation referred to as the Mind Your Own Business Act (the Act). If enacted, this law could put serious teeth into efforts to prote (More)
By Angelica A. Zabanal When the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) was passed last year, it was generally acknowledged that the CCPA would need to be clarified prior to its January 1, 2020, implementation. A variety of CCPA amendments ar (More)
Duane Morris partner Sandra Jeskie was quoted in Legaltech News in an article titled "Amazon Risks Legal Gray Area by Indefinitely Holding Alexa Recordings." Sandra discussed privacy policies and data retention with the Alexa device. Please visit (More)
Are the robots going to take over the world?! There is no question that artificial intelligence is finding its way into our everyday lives. Some people love interacting with Alexa as part of their daily activities. Others worry about the loss of aut (More)