As New Title IX Rule Goes into Effect, Department Launches New Title IX Website

The new Title IX Rule is now in effect as of today (Aug. 14, 2020). As such, all K-12 and postsecondary academic institutions that receive Title IV funding are required to have Title IX policies and procedures in place and to be implementing them going forward.  As our readers will remember from our prior in-depth Client Alert, the new Rule governs employees and students, can include incidents on and off campus, requires institutions to adopt a formal process for investigating and resolving complaints (including a live hearing with cross-examination), and an appeals process.

Concurrent with the new Title IX Rule going into effect today, the Department of Education launched a Title IX website.  The website is a repository of the Department’s resources for Title IX compliance.  Of note, the site’s “Policy” page contains helpful links to the Final Rule, as well as the Department’s Fact Sheet, webinars, and blogs.  In effect, this page is a one-stop shop for all of the Department’s guidance relating to Title IX, and we expect it to be updated going forward as new guidance is promulgated. The new website also contains two landing pages for quotes from key stakeholders as well as links to news articles about the new Title IX rule.

As a further service to our clients, Ed Cramp and Jessica High are continuing their Duane Morris Institute webinars analyzing the new Title IX requirements.   We will update this Blog with the date and time of the next presentation shortly.