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オットー マンフレッド 倉雄



最近、ベトナム財務省は、ベトナムの契約者に対し商標使用権を譲渡をする場合は、CIT 10に加え、みなしVAT 5(控除法では10%)も源泉徴収する方針を示しているオフィシャル・レター10453/BTC-CST号及び 15888/BTC-CST号を発行しました。オフィシャル・レターは拘束力を持った法律ではありませんが、当局に対する有力な施行ガイダンスです。適用されるかどうかを確実に分かるためには、管轄税務当局へ申請をする必要があります。





詳細につきましては、ジャイルズ・クーパーオットー マンフレッド 倉雄、または当事務所で通常連絡を取っている担当弁護士までご連絡ください。


Update on Vietnam’s Foreign Contractor Tax on Royalties – Adding 5-10% VAT

By Manfred Otto, Duane Morris Vietnam LLC

An important development in the interpretation of foreign contractor tax could affect your trademark royalty income from Vietnam by 5 to 10%.

Income of companies outside of Vietnam who are receiving royalty payments from Vietnam are subject to corporate income tax (CIT) at a deemed rate of 10% to be withheld by the Vietnamese contracting party. The general view was that such income was not subject to value-added tax (VAT).

Recently, the Vietnamese Ministry of Finance has issued a series of official letters requiring Vietnamese parties to withhold 5% VAT under the deemed method (10% under the credit method) in addition to 10% CIT in case of a transfer of the right to use a trademark. Official Letters No. 10453/BTC-CST and No. 15888/BTC-CST. Note that Official Letters are not binding law but contain influential guidance. For more certainty, one has to apply to the competent tax authority.

Double taxation agreements (DTA) which cap the tax rate applicable to royalties at 10% (or lower) generally apply only to the CIT component of foreign contractor taxes, not to VAT.

If the Vietnamese party has correctly declared VAT on behalf of the foreign contractor, a VAT refund could be possible under certain circumstances. However, if the party did not declare sufficient VAT that refund may be forfeited.

The above official letters could evidently apply to franchise and other agreements that contain trademark licenses. However, it is conceivable that some tax authorities could apply those principles to other intellectual property rights, such as copyrights in software licenses.

We recommend that you consult with a licensed tax adviser on the applicable tax rate in your specific case. We can assist you to structure your contracts with Vietnamese parties to reduce the risk of penalties and unexpectedly lower net payments from Vietnam.

For further information, please  contact Giles Cooper (, Manfred Otto ( or any other lawyer you are regularly communicating with at Duane Morris.

Amendments to Vietnam – Singapore Double Taxation Agreement

By: Giles Cooper, David Teo Shih Yee, and Le Thanh Phong

The Singapore-Vietnam Double Taxation Agreement (“DTA”) was signed and entered into force in 1994.  A Second Protocol (“2nd Protocol”) amending the existing Singapore-Vietnam DTA entered into force on 11 January 2013. The purpose of this update is to highlight some of the key amendments as set out in the 2nd Protocol. Continue reading Amendments to Vietnam – Singapore Double Taxation Agreement