Welcome to the Duane Morris Delaware Business Law Blog

The lawyers of the Wilmington, DE, office of Duane Morris LLP are pleased to announce the launch of a new blog designed to highlight developments in all aspects of Delaware Business Law. Readers who follow the blog will receive timely reports on: (1) important new opinions from the Delaware Supreme Court, Delaware’s Court of Chancery, and the Complex Commercial Division of the Superior Court; (2) announcements and analysis of amendments to Delaware’s General Corporation Law and alternative-entity statutes; (3) important developments in IP law from the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware; and (4) news from Delaware’s Bankruptcy Court.

The blog will be managed by Chris Winter and Richard Renck, partners in the Wilmington office, but will feature contributions from all members of that office. Knowing that thorough readers will likely want to “read the case themselves”—rather than relying on a summary by others—the form of blog posts will be less a recitation of facts and holdings, but rather will be designed to give readers the essential information to determine whether a particular topic is important to the reader (or the reader’s clients), and if so, provide links to the opinion, transcript, bill, etc.

To improve the usefulness of the blog, we also plan to thoughtfully “tag” the posts according to their topics so that readers may use them as a quick tool to see recent developments in an area of interest. For instance, counsel advising special committees of boards of directors will be able to click the “special committee” tag and conveniently see all posts on that topic. The same goes for “tender offers” or “going-private” transactions.

To have access to the most current information, we encourage you to click on the “RSS” button to subscribe to the Duane Morris Delaware Business Law Blog so that you will receive emails alerting you to new posts. If there is a particular topic of interest that you would like to see covered in the Duane Morris Delaware Business Law Blog, please reach out to Chris or Richard, as we’d appreciate the input and feedback as this blog becomes established.

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