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Illinois Supreme Court Finds Daily Fantasy Sports to Be Legal, Rejects DFS Loser’s Gambling Loss Recovery Act Claim

In Dew-Becker v. Wu, 2020 IL 124472 (April 16, 2020), the Illinois Supreme Court, finally and definitively, has put to rest the question of whether DFS (daily fantasy sports) is unlawful in Illinois. In addition, as a result of the decision, the DFS industry dodged the potential impact of tens of thousands of lawsuits that otherwise could have been lodged against winning DFS players in Illinois by DFS contest losers seeking to recoup their losses under the Illinois Loss Recovery Act (LRA)(720 ILCS 5/28-8).

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New York Appellate Court Muddies the Waters for DFS

In a decision released today by the Supreme Court, Appellate Division (New York’s intermediate appellate court) in White v. Cuomo, the Appellate Division concluded that New York’s daily fantasy sports authorization law is unconstitutional because DFS meets the definition of gambling under New York law.  As a result, according to the Court, a constitutional amendment would be required in order to authorize a form of gambling.  The 4-1 decision will in all likelihood be appealed to New York’s Court of Appeals, and it is likely that the decision will be stayed and have no immediate effect.  The long range consequences for DFS in New York, though, are far less certain.

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