Third-Party Software Providers–Will the DGE Take a Hard Look at Them?

Gaming, like many other industries, has been greatly impacted by changes in technology. As a result, the laws and regulations governing the gaming industry have begun to adapt in order to keep pace with the evolution of the gaming equipment manufacturing process. Attorneys Frank DiGiacomo and Eric Frank explore some of these reforms in New Jersey in this article from New Jersey Lawyer.

Duane Morris Partner Gil Brooks on Gaming Law News Radio

In this broadcast from Gaming Law News Radio, Duane Morris partner Gil Brooks discusses the long-running tax assessment dispute between the owners of the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel and the city, which resulted in a reduction of the property’s assessed value by more than two-thirds (from $543 million to $165 million). He also touches on some of the other recent headlines coming from the Atlantic City market.

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New Jersey Pushes Forward to Legalize Internet Gaming

The New Jersey Legislature took another step towards legalizing online gaming in New Jersey. On May 10, 2012, the New Jersey Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee introduced amendments to the prospective internet gaming legislation which was recently passed by a State Senate committee. The amendments provide additional clarity with respect to the licensing of prospective internet gaming service providers. The proposal also increases the tax rate on internet gaming revenue and provides additional safeguards to keep out dubious internet gaming companies that have facilitated what the U.S. government considers to be illegal wagering from U.S. residents.

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How Will New Jersey Regulate Internet Wagering?

The recent New Jersey internet wagering legislation, co-sponsored by N.J. State Senators Lezniak and Whelan, appears to have momentum. The buzz throughout the state capital is that some version of the legislation will be passed soon, perhaps as early as June. As with a similar internet wagering bill that passed the New Jersey Legislature last year prior to being vetoed by the Governor, only Atlantic City casinos will be permitted to offer gamblers the ability to wager of the internet.

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The New Jersey Legislature Takes Next Step Towards Legalization of Internet Gambling

On April 3, 2012, the New Jersey Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee moved forward an Internet wagering bill which will allow Atlantic City, NJ casinos to offer both New Jersey residents and persons outside of New Jersey the opportunity to place a wagers on casino games via the Internet. The latest version of the bill expanded the potential persons who could wager to include gamblers in other states and countries, suject to state gaming regulators agreeing that it is legal to accept such wagers.

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