From the Land of OZ: Equity Investments into QOFs Up Sharply in the last 6 months of 2021!

According to reporting this week from Novogradac, Qualified Opportunity Fund (“QOFs”) investments were sharply up in final 6 Months of 2021. While this is not overly shocking given the expiration of the 10% reduction benefit under the OZ Act on 12-31-21, the amount of deal flow and capital investment continues into 2022 at a fast and furious pace (and we are not talking cars here).

Per the report, Qualified Opportunity Funds raised a eye-popping $6.88 Billion in equity in the final six months of 2021, the largest quarterly amount raised in any period since the inception of the OZ program in 2018. 

As of 12-31-21, total OZ equity from these QOF funds increased to approximately $24.4 Billion.  Note, this equity is often leveraged with debt in order to build or buy projects which likely results in total project costs of these investments being at least $100 Billion.

Novogradac collects data from Qualified Opportunity Funds that voluntarily provide information to them on an ongoing basis.  One of the features of the OZ Act that we often hear criticism of is the lack of required reporting on key performance indicators like funds flow, job creation, total project cost, etc.  As such, while the volume of investment from Qualified Opportunity Funds that have been tracked is impressive, the totals do not represent the total market share of investments given the voluntary nature of the disclosure. 

We are often asked, where is all the investment going on?

Per the report, the states with the most OZ investment to date have been California ($2.4 Billion); Arizona ($1.35 Billion); Texas ($1.12 Billion), New York ($1.05 Billion) and Florida ($784 Million).  Moreover, there are 20 cities that have at least $200 million in planned or on-going Qualified Opportunity Fund investments, including Washington, DC ($740 Million); Los Angeles, CA ($679 Million); New York, NY ($642 Million); Nashville, TN ($521 Million), and Austin, TX ($455 Million) as the top five cities for OZ investments. 

If you would like to review a copy of the report – a link is attached :

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