What Should GenAI Not Do in Healthcare?

With the advent of generative AI models like Med-PaLM and ChatGPT, providers can now type complex medical questions into a chat box and receive sophisticated (and hopefully accurate) answers. This ability surpasses previous AI applications in the potential to serve patients, but also in the potential to run afoul of laws like corporate practice of medicine (CPOM) rules, the False Claims Act (FCA), and FDA regulations. These concerns — on top of the risk of a generative AI model fabricating answers, known as “hallucinations” — mean that providers should proceed with extreme caution before implementing generative AI tools into their practices.

Read the full article by Matthew Mousley on the Wharton Healthcare Quarterly website.

Webinar: Liability Considerations in Enterprise Use of Generative AI

Duane Morris partner Alex Goranin will be moderating the webinar “Liability Considerations in Enterprise Use of Generative AI” on June 27, hosted by The Copyright Society.

For more information and to register, visit The Copyright Society website.

About the Program

Since ChatGPT burst onto the scene last fall, developers of large language and other foundation models have raced to release new versions; the number of app developers building on top of the models has mushroomed; and companies large and small have considered—and reconsidered—approaches to integrating generative AI tools within their businesses. With these decisions has come a cascade of practical business risks, and copyright and copyright-adjacent issues have taken center stage. After all, if your marketing team’s Midjourney-like AI image generator outputs artwork later accused of infringement, who is ultimately responsible? And how can you mitigate that risk—through contractual indemnity? through guardrails deployed in your training process? through post-hoc content moderation?


    • Alex Goranin, Intellectual Property Litigator, Duane Morris LLP
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