CDFI Fund Issues 2012 Application Q and A

The CDFI Fund recently issued a New Markets Tax Credit 2012 Application Q and A. Contained within this document is guidance provided by the CDFI Fund as a result of two conference calls held on July 24th and July 26th 2012 for potential 2012 Round New Markets Tax Credit allocation applicants. The participants on these calls asked for additional clarification on specific questions within the application to which the New Markets Tax Credit Program team responded. Additional guidance and clarification is provided in the Q and A with respect to what the CDFI Fund considers as innovative uses of NMTCs which includes but is not limited to: investing in Unrelated CDEs that do not have a NMTC Allocation; targeting states identified by the CDFI Fund as having received fewer dollars of QLICIs; providing QLICIs in amounts of $2 million or less; revolving QLICIs to serve more QALICBs; and providing non-real estate financing such as working capital or equipment loans. The CDFI Fund also provided examples of uses of NMTCs that would not be considered innovative which include the use of the leverage structure, combining NMTCs with historic tax credits, and investments in real estate (either to real estate QALICBs or non-real estate QALICBs) in states other than the 10 states and territories identified in the Application Q&A.

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