Life After the Historic Boardwalk Case

In the aftermath of the Third Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision in the Historic Boardwalk Case, investors, accountants, attorneys, and developers have been analyzing and discussing the ramifications of this case for the Historic Tax Credit industry. Several historic tax credit investors have indicated that they are on hold for future historic tax credit investments and many tax counsels to historic tax credit investors have indicated challenges to their ability to issue tax benefit legal opinions to their clients. Some of the preliminary pronouncements from the Historic Tax Credit industry are that future deals will need to generate real cash flow which will not be paid for by investors, non-profit deals will be challenging because of the real lack of upside potential, and for tax opinions to be issued deals may need to be structured to follow the safe harbor provided by the Internal Revenue Service in Revenue Procedure 2007-65 which addressed the partnership flip with the wind production tax credit. In a nutshell, it may be a period of time before the historic tax credit syndication market opens again and when it does it may look a lot different than before the Historic Boardwalk Case.

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