Sandy CDBG Grant Recipients Must Comply With HUD Procurement Requirements

As New York, New Jersey and the City of New York begin to administer HUD CDBG monies for Super Storm Sandy recovery efforts, recipients of CDBG grants must comply with the HUD CDBG procurement requirements. When a grantee elects to hire a contractor, whether to administer a program, complete a task or do construction, those contractors must be procured competitively. Both grantees and sub recipients must follow federal procurement rules when purchasing services, supplies, materials, or equipment. Small purchase procedures allow recipients to acquire goods and services totaling no more than $100,000 without publishing a formal request for proposals or invitation for bids. The small purchases method can also be used to acquire eligible types of services, such as professional consulting, environmental review, or planning. However, if the services contract will exceed $100,000 in value, the grantee must issue a RFP under the competitive proposals requirements. The use of CDBG grants will also trigger compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act. In addition to federal regulations, most states and many local governments have laws and regulations regarding procurement.

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