Leveraging Sandy CDBG Grants

A prominent mandate of the New Jersey, New York City, and New York State action plans is the leveraging of Sandy CDBG grants with other federal programs and private funds. In this vein, there are several programs which are available to leverage Sandy CDBG funds. Coupling the Sandy funds with the Federal New Markets Tax Credit Program was done Post Katrina and will generate approximately 25% of project costs through Federal Tax Credit equity generated on the remaining 75% of Sandy funds which flow through the New Markets Tax Credit Structure. Under the proposed New Jersey Action plan approximately $100,000,000 is slated to go the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency to be used as a grant similar to TCAP to leverage the Agency’s 9% low income housing tax credit allocation as well as make 4% low income housing tax credit transactions economically feasible. In a similar vein, investment funds are forming with the plan of using private capital to leverage Sandy CDBG funds for projects. These transactions should be attractive to funds because the leverage would be relataively low and the security and financial return on the investment very good. Applicants seeking Sandy CDBG funds should be prepared to demonstrate the leveraging of these funds with public programs and private investment.

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