CDFI Fund Releases 2012 Allocation Agreement

The form of 2012 New Markets Tax Credit Allocation Agreement has been released by the Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund. Notably the form allocation agreement has two significant changes. First, the Allocation Agreement provides the following definition of a Real Estate Qualified Active Low-Income Community Business: “shall mean any QALICB whose predominant business activity (i.e. activity that generates more than 50 percent of the business’ gross income) includes the development (including construction of new facilities and rehabilitation/enhancement of existing facilities), management, or leasing of real estate.” In addition, the form of 2012 Allocation Agreement has the following disclosure requirement. “Disclosure to QALICBs. Each time the Allocatee makes one or more QLICs in the form of a loan(s) to, or investment(s) in, a QALICB, it shall disclose to the QALICB, in a separate stand-alone document, any and all direct and indirect NMTC related transaction costs related to the QLICI(s) (e.g. legal, accounting, compliance), fees and compensation that the Allocatee is assessing the QALICB or otherwise requiring the QALICB to incur prior to, during, and at the conclusion of the seven-year NMTC term.”

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