The Long Smoldering Debate About Noncompetition Reform in Massachusetts Is Re-Ignited by House Speaker

By Bronwyn L. Roberts and Gregory S. Bombard

On March 2, 2016, Massachusetts House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo promised to put new legislative limits on noncompetition agreements, reigniting the debate over non-compete reform legislation that has continued since at least 2009.  In a speech to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s annual Government Affairs Forum, DeLeo said that he would push legislative reform with the following restrictions for enforceability of noncompetition agreements:

  • noncompetition agreements would be limited to one year;
  • noncompetition agreements would not apply to lower-wage workers; and
  • workers must be clearly informed that a noncompetition agreement is required before taking a job, including a “stated right to counsel.”

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Duane Morris Partner Lawrence Pockers Honored by Support Center for Child Advocates

Duane Morris is pleased to congratulate partner Lawrence Pockers, who has been selected by the Support Center for Child Advocates as a Distinguished Advocate for 2013. The award celebrates the extraordinary efforts of individuals who help children in Philadelphia. Pockers has been a longtime pro bono child advocate, representing many abused and neglected children in Philadelphia in addition to serving on the Child Advocates’ Volunteer Committee. He will receive the award at the Child Advocates 2013 Annual Benefit Reception & Auction on April 10 at the Crystal Tea Room (Wanamaker Building) in Philadelphia.

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