Duane Morris Partner Michael Lipman Quoted on “Fat Leonard” Extradition

Duane Morris partner Michael Lipman was quoted on ABC10 News in San Diego in reference to the “Fat Leonard” Francis extradition case. Francis, who pleaded guilty to bribing U.S. Navy officers, removed his GPS monitor and fled to Venezuela. From the article:

Lipman has both prosecuted and defended extradition cases during his career. He says several factors can come into play in determining how long Francis could remain in Venezuelan custody.

That includes the terms of the extradition treaty, Venezuelan law, and whether Francis has the right under Venezuelan law to challenge extradition. However, Lipman says sometimes countries can negotiate outside of the treaty.

“You have no idea what’s going on between the United States and Venezuela and what debits and credits can be called on regardless of what the relationships are with the country.”

Lipman also said it is even possible Venezuela decides to avoid any of that trouble by simply returning Francis.

To read the full text of the article and view the video, please visit the ABC10 News website.

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