Flaws In Project Scope Lead To Court Most Often, Report Says

Jeffrey L. Hamera, vice chair of Duane Morris’ Construction Group , was quoted in the Law360 article, “Flaws In Project Scope Lead To Court Most Often, Report Says.”

From Law360:

[Mr. Hamera said] that project owners have looked toward reducing design or project delivery costs by starting construction before design work wraps up entirely, in a trend that’s been building for years.

Hamera said those objectives can be valid, although they can distress a project if parties haven’t planned for it.

“If the parties are sophisticated and understand there’s going to be some completion of the design after the initial bids are in place, it’s something that can be managed,” he said. “There’s always a friction between what’s anticipated from the design on which the contractor’s bids are based, and what’s really a change that wasn’t anticipated and couldn’t be anticipated.”

To read the full article, please visit the Law360 website (subscription may be required).


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