How Will The EU’s AI Legislation Influence the Fashion Industry?

Europe’s strides in AI legislation have reached a historic milestone as the European Parliament greenlights the AI Act, setting a global precedent for comprehensive regulation in artificial intelligence development and use. This landmark legislation not only shapes the future of technology within the European Union but also holds significant implications for various sectors, including the fashion industry. […]

Duane Morris partner Agatha Liu emphasizes the need for fashion brands to adopt a customer-centric approach, prioritizing transparency and providing consumers with comprehensive insights into AI-driven processes. The Act’s focus on eradicating bias underscores the importance of inclusive AI models within the fashion industry.

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How Beauty Companies Can Mitigate Risks Associated with AI Technology Use

From L’Oreal and Olay to Procter & Gamble and Shiseido, companies across the beauty industry are embracing AI technology with open arms. But what are the risks of incorporating AI technology into business practices, and how can beauty companies protect themselves? […]

For answers to these questions and a closer look at this rapidly growing segment of the beauty industry, CosmeticsDesign spoke to attorneys Kelly Bonner and Agatha Liu of Duane Morris LLP, for their insights and experience. Kelly Bonner’s practice focuses on litigation risk and regulatory issues affecting businesses in the cosmetics and personal care industries, as well as cross-jurisdictional and complex commercial disputes involving FDA-regulated and consumer-branded products, and Agatha Liu has assisted clients with AI-related legal needs.

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Balancing Innovation and AI Regulations in the Beauty Market

Duane Morris’ Agatha Liu and Kelly Bonner were interviewed by Personal Care Insights about the challenges and opportunities beauty companies face while using AI to appeal to younger consumer demographics. Below is an excerpt of the article.

How does the competitive landscape of the beauty industry impact businesses’ use of AI technologies, especially when it comes to targeting younger consumer segments?
: The highly competitive nature of the beauty industry, with its desire to appeal to younger consumers, is certainly a key driver in beauty brands embracing AI tools to offer enhanced customer shopping experiences.

Can you provide some context about US AI regulations that the beauty industry should know? What do you expect is coming, especially considering the AI Act in the EU?

Liu: The EU AI Act imposes specific obligations on the providers and deployers of so-called high-risk AI systems, including testing, documentation, transparency and notification duties.

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Beauty Is in the AI of the Beholder

Duane Morris partner Agatha Liu spoke with Personal Care Insights on potential risks, including personalization, appearance bias and regulatory compliance, as beauty companies integrate AI technologies.

What steps do you advise beauty companies to take to reduce the legal risks that could arise from implementing AI?
Liu: Very generally, companies should understand the technology they’re adopting and implementing and balance the benefits of the technology against potential legal pitfalls. That means liaising with outside counsel and privacy teams to obtain clarity and mitigate risks.  […]

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