Finding New Markets Tax Credit Allocation in Strange Places

With the demand for New Markets Tax Credit allocation at a historical high, available New Markets Tax Credit allocation is appearing in strange places. The downturn in the economy has hurt not only conventionally financed projects but also projects financed through government subsidized programs including the Federal New Markets Tax Credit program. Upon the foreclosure of a New Markets Tax Credit subsidized loan, the community development entity lender is obligated to redeploy the proceeds from the foreclosure in a new “qualified low-income community investment” to a new “qualified active low-income community business”. The requirement that a community development entity lender redeploy the proceeds of a previously extended New Markets Tax Credit subsidized loan presents an opportunity to sponsors to “reuse” New Markets Tax Credit allocation for a project. The new loan must satisfy the flexible lending product requirements of community development entity but may not contain a forgivable B note or a 7 year maturity.

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