COVID-19: Philadelphia Bucks PA Loosening of Covid-19 Restrictions on 1-4-21 and, instead, extends restrictions until 1-15-21

Notwithstanding PA’s easing of COVID-19 restrictions as of 8 am on January 4, 2021, Philadelphia has opted to extend restrictions on indoor dining, theaters, casinos and other indoor events until January 15, 2021 due to expectations regarding the holiday season.

As such, Philadelphia will continue to prohibits indoor dining, indoor gatherings or events, theaters, casinos, colleges with in-person instruction and indoor organized sports from operating. These restrictions were previously set to expire on Jan. 1, 2021.

Per the Philadelphia Business Journal, the restrictions were extended on what the Philadelphia Department of Public Health determined to be “higher risk” of transmission in enclosed spaces without ample ventilation, Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said Tuesday.

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