Judges Have First Amendment Rights Too

On April 3, 2013 a three judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued an opinion overturning the Virgin Islands Supreme Court’s conviction of Leon Kendall, a former judge of the Virgin Islands Superior Court, on three counts of criminal contempt based on an opinion Judge Kendall published which excoriated the Supreme Court and for his refusal to preside over a criminal trial as mandated by the Supreme Court

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Puerto Rico And Peru Sign Memorandum To Reinforce Commercial Interactions

In a ceremony attended by President Ollanta Humala and Governor Alejandro García Padilla, on June 11th, the governments of Peru and Puerto Rico signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at promoting their commercial and educational dealings. Among other things, the memorandum indicates that they intend to “strengthen and promote business development, knowledge transfer and cooperation in medical services, education and infrastructure.” Further, Puerto Rico is looking to Peru to help it to expand medical tourism, agricultural trade and cultural projects. As part of the memorandum they will create a working group that will look to follow up on the agreements.

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Cuba Prepares For Its First Free-Trade Manufacturing Zone

The Cuban government recently issued rules and regulations for companies that will operate in the first free-trade manufacturing zone in Cuba. Located in the Port of Mariel, thirty miles west of Havana, the Mariel Special Development Zone will house manufacturing plants that assemble and make products for both domestic and international markets, as well as a megaport designed to eventually replace freight operations at the Port of Havana which cannot accommodate large ships. A highway and railroad infrastructure is also being built to provide access to the zone.

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Puerto Rico District Court Discusses Judicial Preference For Alternative Dispute Resolution

A recent decision of the United States District for the District of Puerto Rico examines the standard of review of an arbitration award. In Union de Periodistas de Artes Graficas y Ramas Anexas v. Telemundo de Puerto Rico, Inc.[i], Telemundo de Puerto Rico, Inc. (“Telemundo”), a Spanish language television network, centralized its Houston, San Antonio and Puerto Rico master control and editing work in Miami to take advantage of new technologies. The change made it possible for Telemundo’s Puerto Rico subsidiary to switch from a twenty-four hour manual operation to an automated system, such that personnel in Miami operate the automated system for the Puerto Rico Station, as well as the stations in San Antonio and Houston.

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Puerto Rico’s Public Energy Policy Continues To Seek Solutions To The High Cost Of Powering The Island

High energy costs has long been recognized as one of the biggest obstacles to doing business in Puerto Rico. The cost of energy on the island is almost twice as much as in the U.S. mainland. Mindful that Puerto Rico’s energy policy is a critical component of the island’s successful economic future, the government set in motion the certain steps to diversify power production by fostering renewable energy projects on the island. In July 2010, then governor Luis Fortuño signed into law the Act for a Public Policy for Energy Diversification Through Sustainable and Alternative Renewable Energy (the “Energy Diversification Act”) and the Green Energy Incentives Act (the “Incentives Act”) which firmed up Puerto Rico’s position regarding the need for clean renewable energy. The legislation set specific renewable energy production goals and established economic incentives to enable the island to meet those goals.

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