Has Your State Passed the Crypto UCC Amendments?

There’s less than a year to go until the proposed implementation of the Uniform Commercial Code amendments relating to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. The drafters of the amendments contemplated a gradual phase-in of the rules over a period of at least a year, but no earlier than July 1, 2025, to give secured parties time to assess their secured status and take any necessary actions. Many states that have approved the amendments opted for a July 1, 2025 start date, but some of them selected a later date. In addition, slightly more than half of the states have not yet approved the amendments. It’s likely that these states will also choose a later start date.

For a secured lender operating in multiple states, keeping track of the implementation dates can be confusing. Losing track of them can potentially lead to significant consequences, including loss of priority in crypto assets. For an overview of the adoption of the UCC amendments by the various states so far, take a look at our recent Alert.

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