HHS Could Open the Door for More Marijuana Use in Nursing Homes

I have been touting the benefits of medical marijuana for nursing home/senior care residents for many years now.  As a cannabis attorney, as well, I have been immersed in the research and studies, showing how marijuana can benefit nursing home residents, just like any other drug our residents may take for their well-being.

But the risks of utilizing marijuana in the nursing home, I’ve been stating, have been too great. Marijuana remains a Schedule I federally illegal controlled substance, and, as such, the Controlled Substances Act defines cannabis and its distinct cannabinoids as possessing “a high potential for abuse … no currently accepted medical use … [and] a lack of accepted safety for the use of the drug under medical supervision.”

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After Legalization: Many Remain Imprisoned For Now-Legal Pot

Neville BilimoriaImagine for a moment that you are arrested for alcohol possession back when alcohol was illegal. Then, imagine you served a sentence in prison for that possession, perhaps an inordinately severe incarceration sentence. Then imagine that you get out of prison and find it almost impossible to find a job, find housing or obtain a loan due to your criminal record. Then imagine, to make things worse, that alcohol is now legal, yet you are still saddled with this criminal history which leaves you no room for social advancement.

Imagine also that in spite of your lack of chances to obtain a job, that the very illegality you were arrested for not only becomes legal through legislation, but also fosters a burgeoning industry in the prohibited substance, primarily by nondiverse corporate entities and persons. Sounds a little bit like a nightmare, but that is exactly the scenario that is developing around cannabis and medical cannabis across the country.

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