Why Beauty Lawsuits Are Set to Increase

Duane Morris attorney Kelly Bonner was quoted in an article in WWD on March 3.

“Beauty companies seem to be coming under increasing fire with lawsuits, fueled in part by the rise of TikTok and other social media platforms, and legal experts are expecting the number of cases to surge. […]

Kelly A. Bonner, an associate at law firm Duane Morris, added that a growing interest and concern by consumers about what’s in their products and the mainstreaming of clean beauty, which has become a very big business, along with competing ideas about what constitutes clean, are other driving factors, compounded by media coverage.

“You have a 24/7 global media landscape that amplifies those concerns and you add to that a very active and increasingly organized plaintiffs’ bar and what you’re going to see are a lot more cases, a lot more attention and a lot more media coverage,” she said. […]

Bonner agreed that companies should expect more consumer protection, consumer fraud-bases suits. “What it means for beauty products to be clean, natural, nontoxic or safe is the subject of intense debate and absent clear regulatory guidance, it’s going to be worked out in the court.”

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