PA – Modifications to the Life-Sustaining Businesses List on 3-24

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Earlier this afternoon, March 24th, the Department of Commerce and Economic Development updated their List of Life-Sustaining Businesses and now include on the list of approved businesses (along with those previously approved):

Manufacturing – Veneer, Plywood and Engineered Wood Product Manufacturing and Other wood product manufacturing

Manufacturing – Aerospace Product and Parts for defense industrial base and transportations manufacturing under CISA advisory is permitted

Wholesale Trade – Lumber and Other Construction Materials Merchant Wholesalers

Retail Trades – Health and Person Care Stores are NOT permitted BUT pharmacies are now permitted

Non-Store Retailers – NOT permitted except fuel sellers and bottle water sellers ARE permitted

Information – Telecommunications – Telecommunications resellers are now Permitted – Note that retailers selling devices at physical locations are still NOT permitted

Educational Services – all are still marked as Prohibited but now there is direction to the PA Department of Education guidance at

Healthcare and Social Assistance – update to Child Care Services which are Prohibited but now reference Stay at Home Guidance

Leisure and Hospitality – Food Services and Drinking Places – Drinking Places are still Prohibited but reference to takeout and delivery is Permitted

Attached is the updated list of life-sustaining and non-life sustaining businesses as of 2:30 pm on 3-24-20 – NOTE that this list has been modified 3x since original date of publication on Thursday so please make sure you are looking at the most up to date list –

The updated list is available at:

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