COVID-19: Philadelphia Extends Residential Eviction Moratorium through March 15, 2021

As of 7-31-20, Philadelphia City officials have extended the City’s residential eviction moratorium in Philadelphia until March 15, 2021.

According to reporting from CBS 3, the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) said it wants the city’s 80,000 low-income residents who have been “disproportionately impacted” by the pandemic to be assured their housing will not be a concern for the rest of the uncertainty.

“The federal eviction moratorium expires this week. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has extended it to the end of August, while the Congress and the Trump Administration debate another extension. I wanted to take bold action in this regard, to maintain housing stability for our residents,” PHA President Kelvin Jeremiah said.

According to Jeremiah, the moratorium applies only to “matters involving the nonpayment of rent and related fees,” but doesn’t apply to evictions related to health and safety.

The moratorium does not forgive nonpayment of rent and fees during the period, the PHA said, and tenants remain responsible for rent under the terms of their lease agreement.

Philadelphians who cannot pay their rent or have a financial hardship are urged to apply for a PHA Hardship Waiver or look into payment plans.

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