Expanded Equity Funding for NJ Licensees Heads to Governor’s Desk

A sea change in the funding of New Jersey cannabis businesses has been approved by New Jersey’s Legislature and is pending on Governor Murphy’s desk awaiting his signature.  Duane Morris attorneys assisted in the conception and drafting of this legislation.

That legislation, A4151, will allow far greater levels of investment in minority, women and disabled veteran owned adult use cannabis businesses by those best positioned to invest in them on equitable terms – current licensees and cannabis funds. The bill will increase the equity stake a licensee or investment fund may have in these diversely owned businesses from 5% to 35%, and allow them to invest in up to 7 diversely owned licensees. This will also allow capital stacks to rely more heavily towards equity, reducing the debt component at high interest rates that burn cash flow new operators need to get their businesses on solid footing. To date, these terms have only been available to New Jersey small universe of diversely owned medical cannabis licensees.

The bill protects against predatory conduct by preventing investors from acquiring a majority interest in the diversely owned business, even in cases of default. In the event of default, majority ownership by diverse interests must be maintained.  Terms must be commercially reasonable as determined by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

Context: Hundreds of New Jersey conditional licensees are struggling to raise the $250,000 to $1 million initial investment they need to fund even a simple dispensary given high real estate, labor, tax and compliance costs in New Jersey. Without funding, they simply cannot complete the steps needed to convert to annual licensure (i.e., secure real estate and municipal approval and complete their operational plans and SOPs) and open for business.

Without funding, many of those conditional licensees will be forced to abandon their efforts and in many cases wipe out their personal investments to date, which often are funded out of 401(k) and other savings accounts.

Diversely owned cannabis businesses and equity investors alike interested in learning more about this opprtunity should contact Paul Josephson, Tracy Gallegos, or Michael Schwamm.

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