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David Feldman

Cannabis Company Buys Entire Town for Tourism

Phoenix based American Green Inc. is buying the entire town of Nipton, CA, all 120 acres of it. They want to turn the town into a cannabis tourism destination. Nipton, population 20, is a mere 60 miles from Las Vegas and about 3 hours from Los Angeles or, as the current owner described it as noted in the London Evening Standard, “conveniently located in the middle of nowhere.”

The company is paying $5 million for the town and plans on another $2.5 million to fix it up. Nipton started life in 1905 when the gold rush hit, and now ironically it is poised to capitalize on the “green rush” of cannabis. American Green President David Gwyther thinks cannabis legalization could change and revitalize communities.

Will this rival the cannabis tourism seen in Colorado and soon to hit places like Las Vegas? If they build a nice spa…