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2018 Should Be The Year Cannabis Ends The Opioid Crisis…. Fingers Crossed!

Seth Goldberg
Seth A. Goldberg

Articles appearing this week in the LA Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer, among other recent articles, highlight the horrors of the opioid crisis and the need for research into cannabis as a possible solution.  While the federal government warns about the spiraling toll of the opioid epidemic, it refuses to grant the applications of world-renowned scientists at major universities and research centers seeking to explore the ways in which the well-documented therapeutic properties of cannabis can alleviate the pain and suffering – physical, emotional and financial – being caused by opioid abuse.  There is no shortage of deep pockets willing to fund the research, and US-based scientists are ready, willing and able to get to work, yet the federal government refuses to depart from its antiquated “reefer madness” established in the early 20th Century.  2018 should be the year the federal government stops blocking cannabis research so that scientists can determine if and how cannabis can stem the opioid crisis.  Fingers crossed!



Jennifer Fisher and Justin Santarosa

How California’s Emergency Cannabis Regulations Affect Dispensaries

On November 16, 2017, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control published emergency regulations governing both the medical and the adult-use cannabis industries in California. Below are the highlights of the emergency regulations and how they may impact adult-use and/or medicinal retailers, or dispensaries as they are more commonly known.

This post is the third in a series of entries on the Duane Morris Cannabis Industry blog that will provide an analysis of the new California emergency regulations. If you have any questions about the regulations, please contact Jennifer Briggs Fisher in our San Francisco office or Justin Santarosa in our Los Angeles office.  Continue reading How California’s Emergency Cannabis Regulations Affect Dispensaries

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San Diego Issues Guidance for Marijuana Cultivators, Dispensaries and Testing Facilities

By Nick Ferraro and Joe Machi

With recreational sales beginning in California on January 1, 2018, the City of San Diego has developed a website to explain the permitting and application process for established and emerging companies in the cannabis industry.  The website is part of an effort on the part of the City of San Diego to help individuals and companies understand Ordinance No. O-20793 (passed February 22, 2017) and Ordinance No. O-20859 (passed October 17, 2017), which amend the Land Development Code and the Local Coastal Program.

Though the City of San Diego’s regulatory guidance website is not meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the patchwork of permitting and licensing laws that apply at the city-level to marijuana businesses, it is a good starting point.

The website provides an overview for those subject to the ordinances:  Marijuana Production Facilities, Marijuana Outlets and Marijuana Testing Facilities.

Continue reading San Diego Issues Guidance for Marijuana Cultivators, Dispensaries and Testing Facilities