Celebrating our Hispanic-Latino Heritage: Perspectives on Using our Legal Skills to Promote, Protect, Defend, and Enhance Community Culture and Values in Difficult Times

By Miguel A. Quintana

With its vast territory and with millions of people immigrating over the past centuries, the United States is a culturally diverse country. One of the largest groups that has immigrated to the United States is that of the Hispanic-Latino group, which refers to those coming from Latin American countries.

In recent times, the United States has witnessed an increment of Hispanic-Latino immigrants. Consequently, the Hispanic-Latino culture has continued to grow in this country, and it has become one of the largest groups across its territory.

As a result of the expansion of the Hispanic-Latino culture within the United States, the number of Hispanic-Latino lawyers has naturally also increased.

As lawyers, we find ourselves in a position of privilege. Along with this position of privilege however, comes a great responsibility and a sense of duty to the community. It is important for lawyers to get involved in the community and use our abilities and knowledge to help those in need.

Hispanic-Latino lawyers are no exception. Importantly, Hispanic-Latino lawyers should not only seek to assist the broader community, but we should, additionally, get involved with the ever-growing Hispanic-Latino community.  As Hispanic-Latino lawyers, we have an inherent duty to assist our community with our experience and legal resources, even more so now during these difficult and challenging times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded all of us of the importance of working together as a community, as well as to look out for one another. As a result, we should embrace this difficult situation as an opportunity to reach out to our Hispanic-Latino community and offer our assistance.

In order to do so, Hispanic-Latino lawyers may wish to get involved in different organizations that intend to assist the Hispanic-Latino community. Importantly, these organizations may serve as a networking platform among Hispanic-Latino lawyers. Additionally, these organizations may provide for a platform to address social and economic issues within the community.

Our heritage provides us with a unique opportunity to reach out to the Hispanic-Latino community. Our customs and our ability to communicate in our native language can be attractive and of help for our Hispanic-Latino community.

Additionally, our diversity within the Hispanic-Latino community is something to be proud of, and something that we, as Hispanic-Latino lawyers, should embrace and promote. Our roots are an integral part of who we are today, thus, we must not forget them, but rather use them as a platform to approach our community and help it develop.

Furthermore, as the Hispanic-Latino community continues to grow, Hispanic-Latino lawyers will become more important. Indeed, Hispanic-Latino lawyers provide a platform for a direct interaction with such community, and a good opportunity to assist it with our resources and knowledge.

This blog post is one of several created in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

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