Duane Morris Forms Puerto Rico Renewable Energy Practice Group

Combining the capabilities of several strong practice areas of the firm, Duane Morris LLP has formed a Puerto Rico Renewable Energy Interdisciplinary Practice Group.  This interdisciplinary practice group works with developers, lenders, investors, and private equtiy funds in the development of renewable energy projects in Puerto Rico.  Dependent upon the importation of fossil fuels, Puerto Rico’s energy costs are very high making renewable energy a very cost effective alternative. In addition, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority has encouraged the development of renewable energy projects in the Island though the issuances of power purchase agreements with renewable energy developers. Members of the group consist of Larry Diamond and Marco Gonzalez of the firm’s Puerto Rico Practice Group, Jim McTarnaghan, and Phyllis Kessler of the firm’s Renewable Energy Practice Group, Nat Abramowitz ,who practices in the finance and bond field, and Art Momjian, who specializes in Federal tax credit programs including the federal renewable energy investment tax credit.

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