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Using Fiber Optic Cables to Predict Earthquakes

Earthquakes can be devastating in terms of their destructive impacts. For decades, there have been scientific efforts seeking to predict earthquakes. If an earthquake could be predicted reliably in advance, people could be warned and they potentially could move toward safety before the earthquake strikes.

Unfortunately, earthquake prediction efforts generally have not met with success. But what about fiber optic cables — the very cables that deliver internet connectivity: can they help when it comes to earthquake detection?  Continue reading Using Fiber Optic Cables to Predict Earthquakes

New FTC “Red Flag Rule” Guidance to Help Fight Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission recently issued revised its “Red Flag Rules” guidance. The Red Flag Rules protect consumers by requiring businesses to watch for and respond to warning signs or red flags of identity theft. The guidance outlines which businesses are covered by the Rule. A copy of the guidance can be viewed at http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus23-fighting-identity-theft-red-flags-rule-how-guide-business.