Police Banner ‘Ads’ Warn About Potentially Pirated Content

Internet ads can be annoying. At times, for example, you may be seeking to read an article or watch a video clip online, but first you have to click off an advertisement that is in the way, or you have to wait out a video ad before you can watch the video content of your choosing.

Perhaps these ads once in a while may be successful in gaining your interest to buy the advertised products, but certainly most of the time these ads simply are a nuisance and a waste of time.

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Microsoft Settles Thousands Of Software Privacy Cases Worldwide

Microsoft is serious when it comes to software pirates. Indeed, it has just reported that it has reached settlements in more than 3,000 copyright infringement matters that it initiated globally in the past year alone.

The vast majority of the cases were international, spanning 42 countries. In fact, only 35 of the 3,265 cases were in the United States.

Microsoft states that most of its enforcement cases have been the result of tips and feedback from consumers. To drive that point home, Microsoft notes that since 2005 it has been tipped off by over 450,000 customers who disclosed counterfeited software.

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