Impact of COVID-19 on the Energy Industry: Preparing for the Aftermath

Duane Morris and CARILEC will host a webinar, “Impact of COVID-19 on the Energy Industry: Preparing for the Aftermath,” to be held on Thursday, May 7, 2020, from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. The webinar is aimed at addressing the current economic consequences of the pandemic to our members and stakeholders, its effect on the energy industry and markets, supply chains, project development and investments in the Caribbean.

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Vietnam’s Renewable Energy Industry Amid Covid-19: Facts, Force Majeure and (Patchy) Government Support

Vietnam’s renewable energy development over the past three or so years can variously be described as frenetic, chaotic and heartening. Look past all the noise about non-bankable agreements, insufficient transmission infrastructure and bureaucratic black holes, and it’s clear the market has spoken. Vietnam currently has the largest installed solar capacity in Southeast Asia and is taking strides on wind too. Between May and July 2019, an incredible 82 ground mounted solar plants were connected to the national grid (total of 4,464 MW), more than 400% the target that had been set for 2020. The Ministry of Industry and Trade recently announced that the country is aiming to boost power output produced by renewable energy to about 23% by 2030.

The sector as a whole is also poised on the brink of a new phase. Feed in tariffs are coming to an end, low hanging fruit projects have been developed and local banks’ capacity to continue to finance development is stressed. Meanwhile, energy demand rises steadily and right-minded global citizens are clamoring for an end to coal and a rapid transition to renewable energy sources.

Into this heady mix arrived a novel corona virus and the disease known as COVID-19.

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