Top Posts from Our First Year of the Duane Morris Green IP Blog

This week marks the one-year anniversary of our first post to the Duane Morris Green IP Blog, so we thought we’d mark the occasion with a look back at our top posts of the first year. This list was developed subjectively from a loose combination of reader feedback, page traffic, and republication.

  1. Wind turbines and Chinese spies: Three Lessons from the Conviction of Sinovel Wind Group for Trade Secret Theft
  2. The Suniva case that resulted in tariffs on solar module imports: Solar Panel Trade Case Concludes with Tariff Announcement
  3. A deep dive into the IP assets sold off by bankrupt SunEdison: What Patents Did Bankrupt SunEdison Sell to China’s GLC-Poly Energy?
  4. Our long-running coverage of the GE v. Vestas patent litigation over wind turbine technology (such as our breakdown of all claims and counterclaims found here and our industry analysis found here).  You can find the latest on this case here.
  5. EV charging companies fight over smart charging technology: EV Charging Station Company Loses Partnership Bid, Sues Winner and SemaConnect Wins Dismissal of ChargePoint’s Patent Lawsuit
  6. On trademarks and wind turbines:  Why Change Wind Corporation Cannot Register Its Helical Turbine as a Trademark
  7. A look at the fight over the future of autonomous EVs: Breaking Down the Faraday Future Trade Secret Case

We hope you’ve enjoyed following along during our first year, and we’re looking forward to providing more great content in Year Two!

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