Uber: Not Just Cars — All Transportation All the Time

Unless you are living on another planet, you are quite familiar with how to summon an Uber car on an app on your phone so that an Uber driver can pick you up and drive you to the destination of your choice. But Uber is not content with just this form of transportation. Indeed, Uber has grand dreams of being an all-encompassing hub for many types of transportation. Let’s take a look at some of these transportation offerings. 

Uber recently has entered into the business of freight. Indeed, with Uber Freight, truck drivers using an app can find and accept the transport of freight of various types and quantities of materials across long and shorter distances.

Uber also has operated helicopters in southern France since a couple years ago. Furthermore, the company launched UberCHOPPER in Dubai several years ago, and this was later put in service  in the Netherlands for transportation to a music festival. Uber has bigger plans for commuter flights in major cities to avoid traffic jams on the highways.

Last year, Uber offered a boat service in Egypt on a short-term basis. Uber reportedly now is providing that service in Croatia.

Uber has not yet offered public transit integrations. However, Uber has partnered with one public transit ticketing company; this can allow users to buy transit tickets with the Uber app. Uber very well may roll this out with other public transit ticketing companies.

And there is more. Uber India provides motorcycle rides. Just like requesting a car using the Uber app, users can ask for a motorcycle driver and they can ride on the back. And the drivers provide helmets for the riders!

Uber also has sought a permit to operate and provide scooters in San Francisco. This could be quite beneficial in cities with very crowded streets due to car traffic.

Moreover, Uber recently declared that it is purchasing Jump Bikes, an electric bike company. Jump already operates in various cities, like San Francisco and Washington D.C., and it offers dockless bike sharing.

And yes there is a bit more — rickshaws! In Pakistan and India, Uber users can request a rickshaw for a cheap ride.

Uber exploded with disruptive force when it launched its automobile ride sharing service, and it is clear that Uber is not content to remain in just that market. Evidently, Uber wants to be all transportation all the time.

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