When It Comes to Tech, Size Matters

Big, small or in-between? When dealing with tech, it seems that there are preferences, and fortunately there options currently.

Long, long ago and far away, back in the disco days of the 1970s, the only available computer to me was a massive, computer punchcard-eating behemoth that appeared to take up the entire basement of my college library. While it was a floor-to-ceiling piece of junk by today’s standards, size was not an issue — because if you wanted to work on a computer, that was the only game in town. I declined.

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iPhone Not Secure Enough for President Obama; BlackBerry to the Rescue?

Earlier this year, I told you about how I finally took the leap and moved off of my BlackBerry to the latest iPhone. It was a struggle for me at first, because I was addicted (yes, a confirmed CrackBerry addict) to the tactile keyboard for ease of typing on the BlackBerry device. But, as you may recall, I was won over by the many other fantastic features of the iPhone, including Siri voice recognition, the larger screen, better photography, and the vast array of iPhone apps.

I have been very happy with my iPhone for the better part of 2013 — notwithstanding the fact that I often miss the BlackBerry keyboard. So, end of story, right? iPhone wins and BlackBerry loses, correct?

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From Crackberry Addict To iPhone Junkie: A Lawyer’s Tale

Up until recently, and for years, I was a lawyer addicted to his BlackBerry. My BlackBerry always was on my hip, ready for immediate use. I became so proficient that I literally could type as fast with two thumbs on the device as I could with all of my fingers on my desktop keyboard at work. But other attorneys kept whispering in my ear, “Try the iPhone — once you do, you will never go back to the BlackBerry.”

So, over the New Year holiday, I tried my daughter’s iPhone. I must say, I was most intrigued by Siri and the voice-recognition feature, not to mention the much larger screen.

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When Should An Attorney Dump His BlackBerry For An iPhone?

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to my BlackBerry. Indeed, the term “CrackBerry” certainly applies in my case. Ever since my wireless signal was established years ago, I have been mainlining my BlackBerry on a relatively constant basis.

There was a time that BlackBerry really was the only real PDA game in town at my firm. However, more recently, we have opened up the iPhone option, and as time passes, more and more of my colleagues have been weaning themselves off the BlackBerry and migrating to the iPhone. What’s more, some of my colleagues have been encouraging me (rather strenuously) to change my PDA drug of choice, turn my back on my beloved BlackBerry, and go the iPhone route myself.

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