A Bite-Sized Look at Ballot Measures in California for Restaurants

By Constantine Mittendorf

election-dayThere are eighteen statewide ballot measures that Californians will be voting on this election cycle and countless local measures.  While few items on the ballot directly affect the California restaurant industry as a whole, here are a few statewide and local measures to be aware of:

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New Rule: Six Weeks of Paid Parental Leave in San Francisco

Maggie and DaxBy Constantine Mittendorf

Yesterday, San Francisco became the first city in the nation to require six weeks of full paid leave for new parents.  If you or work in or manage a restaurant in the City by the Bay, here are a few things you should know:

  • The law applies for both mothers and fathers
  • It includes newborn and adopted children
  • Part-time employees who work at least 8 hours a week are covered

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Sinbad’s Dine and Dash

By Constantine Mittendorf

Sinbads Before and AfterToday, Sinbad’s restaurant looks like a shipwreck next to San Francisco’s Ferry Building. A demolition crew is on site and Sinbad’s is in bankruptcy court. The classic restaurant-bar recently lost a series of legal battles that ultimately shut it down after 40 years of continuous operation.

To sum up what happened, Sinbad’s had been operating since the mid-1970’s. With its stunning views and location on Pier 2 at the foot of Market Street, it had a mixed clientele of locals and tourists. In turn, it paid rent to the City of San Francisco. Eventually due to population growth in the Bay Area, the City decided to expand the number of ferry terminals serving the City’s Financial District. The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission held public hearings in 2012 about the plan to expand the ferry terminals and remove Sinbad’s. Despite being notified, Sinbad’s didn’t show up. Continue reading “Sinbad’s Dine and Dash”

Waterfront Restaurant Fights For Its Life in Court

By Constantine Mittendorf

Sinbads 2

Sinbad’s sits on a pier next to San Francisco’s historic Ferry Building.  With a dining room view from the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island, Sinbad’s has been a classic San Francisco establishment for locals and tourists alike for 40 years.  Through booms and busts, Sinbad’s has held a lease with the San Francisco Port Authority.  Now it looks like San Francisco’s booming economy might be the restaurant’s downfall. Continue reading “Waterfront Restaurant Fights For Its Life in Court”

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