Happy LegalTechGiving

It is that time of year again. Soon, we will have turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams, and pumpkin pie on our plates, if we are fortunate. But more importantly, it is a time to reflect with gratitude on those aspects of our lives for which we are thankful.

Things to Be Thankful For

Of course, toward the top of the list, assuming we have such luck, we should be thankful for our health, family, friends, loved ones, home, and work.

We also can be grateful for the fact that we live in a country that strives to be governed by the rule of law. We do not sanction the resolution of disputes by violence and armed conflict. Instead, we allow parties through their lawyers to present their cases for decisions of law by judges and findings of facts by juries.

We further are blessed by the wonderful technology that supports us in our various endeavors. Indeed, as I write this particular blog, I am creating it on my laptop, music is wafting into my ears from Pandora via my smartphone, and I see the unfolding of a college football game on a television (with volume off) in front of me. Sure, some might decry such multi-tasking on my part, but at least I have the option if I so choose.

Reflecting on Life and Technology

Earlier today, I went for a long walk outside with the beautiful sunshine streaming down through the trees, while getting up to speed on world events from podcasts playing through my headphones. Before that, I was able to find directions to a particular location by using the GPS in my car. And when I started the day, I noticed that I had been contacted by friends and family on Facebook and by email, and that I had received text messages from my daughters who are away at college. A bit later, I received phone calls from my sister and my brother.

So yes, it is true, the legal system can be time-consuming, acrimonious, and expensive. And yes, we can suffer overload and burnout from 24/7 technology bombardment.

But still, this tech/law blogger is here this week to remind us of the benefits of the rule of law and ability to resolve disputes civilly, as well as technology and how it can keep us in touch and close to those other people who matter so much in our lives. Happy LegalTechGiving!

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