Last year I did a series of blogs with my good friend, Karen Zupko of Karen Zupko and Associates, on physician contracting issues. I loved blogging with Karen. We used the blogs to educate our hospital and physician clients on common issues with respect to physician contracts. My favorite blog in the physician contracting blog series was the indemnification blog. Anyone who has worked with me on contracts knows that I have concerns about indemnification provisions in contracts. One of my proudest blogging moments was when a client said “now I get it” after I sent the indemnification blog to him. I sent the same blog to opposing counsel and we were able to successfully negotiate the indemnification language.

This year I am planning a series of blogs on governance and leadership in the context of healthcare mergers and acquisitions. This is blog 1 for 2019. Here is this year’s plan. The series will touch on strategic considerations in mergers and acquisitions, special issues for non-profits, governance dilemmas, deal breakers and exit plans. I’ll talk about lessons learned, bumps in the road, and next time, I’ll tell some funny stories and some not so funny stories, so stay tuned. The prevailing theme for the blog series will be thoughtful civility in mergers and acquisitions. If you have thoughts to share on the topic, email me at The Duane Morris blog format does not permit comments to be added to the blogs.

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