To Hedge or not to Hedge? That is the (mitigatory) question.

Hedging contracts are well established in the Oil & Gas industry.  It is a common risk management measure used to reduce a party’s exposure to the constantly fluctuating oil prices.  Essentially, under a hedging contract, companies can establish their prices at a fixed price through a commodity swap or option. Hedging contracts are second nature to the industry, and most traders would not give a second thought as to whether such arrangements are reasonable.  However, it was this very issue that was put forth before both the High Court and the Court of Appeal in Apex Energy International Pte Ltd v Wanxiang Resources (Singapore) Pte Ltd [2020] SGHC 138.  The Singapore Courts had to determine whether, following a breach of contract of sale, whether a hedging arrangement was a reasonable mitigation in the quantification of the aggrieved parties losses.  We successfully acted for Apex Energy in proving that a hedging arrangement is a reasonable mitigation measure.

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