Germany – Ministry of Economic Affairs calls for investigation into alleged sanctions breaches relating to Mariupol reconstruction

The German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change is being quoted in the press as having called for an investigation by the relevant authorities into allegations that two German companies may be breaching the EU’s sanctions by providing material for the rebuilding of the occupied city of Mariupol.

The companies, Knauf and WKB Systems GmbH have both issued statements saying they comply with relevant sanctions.

The call for an investigation follows reports of the supply of construction material first published in Monitor.

Germany – five charged in relation to the export of Siemens’ gas turbines to Crimea

It is being reported that the Hamburg Public Prosecutor’s Office (which does not publish press releases online) has charged five individuals on suspicion of exporting gas turbines to Crimea in breach of EU sanctions.

The gas turbines were manufactured by Siemens.

Of the five individuals, who have been under investigation since at least 2021 (see our earlier post), one remains an employee of Siemens. Four are German nationals and one is Swiss.

It is alleged that they were aware that the gas turbines being exported to Russia (then not prohibited) were destined for export and installation in Crimea in breach of the EU’s Crimea-specific sanctions.

Dutch fine four companies for sanctions breaches

The Dutch authorities have today secured settlement against four companies and eight individuals for breaching the EU’s Russian sanctions concerning Crimea through involvement in the export and machinery used in the construction of the Kerch Bridge.

The eight people were sentenced to community service ranging from 20 to 60 hours while the four companies paid fines totalling €160,000, with profits of €71,000 confiscated from one of the companies.

The case was resolved without a trial. The investigation commenced in 2017 after press reporting, and initially involved investigation into the activities of seven companies.

The names of the companies have not been published.

Germany – five being investigated in relation to export of gas turbines to Crimea

It is being reported today that the Hamburg Public Prosecutor’s Office is currently investigating five individuals in relation to the export from Germany to Crimea of gas turbines manufactured by Siemens.

The broader investigation into the export of these turbines has been ongoing since 2018. See our earlier post.

Four of the individuals being investigated are German nationals, three of whom worked for Siemens in Russia, and the fifth is a Swiss national.

Germany – investigation into alleged export of turbines to Crimea

The Hamburg Public Prosecutor has confirmed that it is currently investigating three Russian-based employees of Siemens in relation to alleged export of turbines to Crimea in breach of EU sanctions.

Siemens has confirmed that it is cooperating with the investigation, and stated that it exported the turbines for use in Russia and not in Crimea, and that the turbines were re-exported to Crimea without its knowledge.

Netherlands – Kerch Bridge investigation expanded to 7 companies

Further to our earlier post about the Dutch authorities investigating two companies for allegedly breaching Crimean sanctions by shipping goods for the construction of the Kerch Bridge, it has now been reported that the investigation currently has been extended to seven companies.

The Diesoko Group, a Dutch engineering company, has confirmed that it is one of the companies under investigation.

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